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Message communication

Editorial communication agency

A relevant message in content and form so that your events hit their target in all circumstances

Your event communication is not effective without a clear and concise message

The strategic choices of organizing your event are a vector of success.

The speach of your events is the tool of your influence. Companies invest in their events to communicate, to convey a message, whatever its form. Not being able to transmit your messages because of risky choices means not having the fair return on investment expected by the organizers.

Agence Aéreau is an editorial communication agency. A whole team of consultants are at your service to help you make the right choices and reach your target every time.

  • Fewer messages, but more audible messages
  • An adapted editorial line
  • An adapted semantics, at the service of your objectives
  • Your speakers trained for more fluid interventions
  • Speakers to highlight your words
  • interactivity with your audience to improve attention and engagement.

A question ?

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Our services

A professional advice

from over 24 years of experience

To benefit from our advice is to benefit from the fruit of our long experience. Inevitably, all the problems encountered give us a keen eye to understand the keys to your communication. We implement your business expression strategy. We write with you the history of the company as it should be seen from the outside.

24 years old and more than 1300 events organized with an average satisfaction score of 18/20.

Definition of your editorial strategy

so that the speech serves the strategy of your company

Communicating through the message cannot be improvised. The Strorytelling of your company will be built on the long term, on the basis of a reflection. We write with you the strategy of your verbal communication. Whether in substance or form. On the themes, the words, the number of messages and their frequency.

1 - You have already written the content of your event

Might it be improved?

We help you organize, sort, prune so that the speech of your convention becomes more digestible, more interactive. In short, we make sure that the content is more easily heard and remembered by your audience, but also that the audience is attentive throughout the convention with attractive and interactive content.

Corporate events agency seminars and incentives in Morzine
Corporate events agency seminars and incentives conference

2 - You entrust us with the writing of your editorial content

for an effective message co-constructed

Our team takes the time to listen to you, to understand your issues and your objectives. We work in collaboration to sort the messages and keep only a few, essential, which it is really desirable that they be received loud and clear during the convention in preparation.

Less numbers and graphics, less generalities. But priority is given to more interaction with the audience. A convention must be a moment of exchange with employees. It is an opportunity, usually annual, to feel the state of mind of the teams. It is also the moment when, rather than announcing a litany of figures, the business manager must speak to his team, tell them his love for her and her company, and enthusiastically present to them the plans for the future that it carries, and thus take them in its wake on these new challenges.

3 - We animate your convention

with dynamic and motivating personalities

Entrusting our agency with the animation of your convention is the assurance of giving rhythm and dynamism.

We suggest the presence of a speaker to animate and give rhythm and fluidity to the sessions. This presence is all the more relevant as there are many speakers.

We also offer you a whole list of inspiring speakers from an extremely extensive list of topics. Whether it is a technician, or a famous personality, this presence is often a good way to emphasize your words. It is also an opportunity, with some particularly famous or charismatic speakers, to create an effect of fascination on the participants, thus increasing interest in the convention you are organizing. The better the attention, the better your message will be received.

Enquiry for a personal tailor made commercial offer

We study all your requests for groups over 100 persons.

With the Aéreau Network you are seeking the best of event expertise, we have nothing to prove about the quality of our work or our products. How many agencies can claim 24 years of existence in our profession?

We work as follows:

- For the smallest files: file opening costs from € 500 excl. Tax, to be deducted from the amount of your event. Our quotes therefore remain free
- For all cases, we invite our clients to respect the following code of ethics:
> No more than three agencies solicited
> Either you organize your seminar internally or with an agency. If you are organizing your seminar yourself, do not ask the agencies for "just in case" offers.

Thank you for your understanding.

Team Aereau

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